Nowadays, restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms all over the place, in nooks and crannies but the most coveted are the secretly hidden ones in quiet provinces waiting to be discovered. Part of the excitement is the hunt for the restaurant serving artistically plated and delicious food, awesome ambiance, enchanting music and friendly service.

The search starts with a word-of-mouth about this Ancestral home of Atty. & Mrs. Isidro Corachea located in the heart of Rosario, Batangas embraced in greenery, ponds with colorful fishes, pocket gardens and mini waterfalls inside the dining hall. Ahhhhh, Zidro's Place, the place where fine dining and fine music meets.

All senses are awakened with the beauty of surroundings that no word can begin to describe it. First, it was the intriguing vacation house that is now open to the public. The architectural design is Italian, Filipino, Spanish, Zen and Moroccan blending in a fusion that only Roberto Corachea can execute so well. Then there is the soulful music that transports you back in time while waiting for the food and gazing at the ripples of the pond water. Interrupting your daydreaming is this very courteous waiter gracefully placing your plate in front of you with oh so appetizing steam that teases your nose. Once again, the dish has garnishes that you wonder if the garden is on your plate. Go ahead give in to this pleasure and slice this tender chicken breast fillet with melted cheese oozing from the middle. Swirl it lightly with the famous brown gravy and let your teeth sink in the house specialty of Chicken Cordon Bleu. Truly it is love at first bite the Zidro's way.

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